Lenexa Police Department Substance Abuse Prevention Eduction Book

Role: Layout design, typesetting, production

The Lenexa Police Department wanted to enhance their school teaching program by producing a booklet that would be tailored to their officers' needs. Previously, the School Resource Officers had to rely on an assortment of different handouts, which were hard to organize and keep collected throughout the class. In addition, these handouts all came from a variety of sources with different page numbers, adding to the difficulty of a unified lesson plan.

By adapting these handouts into a single booklet, the Lenexa officers were not only able to provide a cohesive format for their students, but they were also able to focus on and update topics for their own classes. Pictures of Lenexa officers were included along with course material, and the heavier cardstock cover protected the pages from the wear and tear of a student's schoolbag.