Johnson County Library Website Redesign

Role: Website Design and Development

The website for the Johnson County Library is a high-traffic destination, with over three million unique visitors a year. With constant traffic around the clock, patrons use library services at every hour of the day, meaning that the stability and utility of the website are vital to a positive user experience.

With a creative direction that included the concepts of, 'playfulness, curiosity, and friendliness', the visual style was deliberately weighed to veer away from a dry institutional stereotype. At the same time, the Library had to also incorporate County-wide brand standards while still expressing its own unique voice. Using bright colors, multiple textures and friendly language, the Library established itself as a welcoming presence for all ages, and -- most importantly for its brand -- encouraged the sense of exploration and play.

The revised website was also designed to be fully responsive, allowing the Library to reach all its users no matter what device they used. Careful analysis of visitor statistics showed a rise in mobile device usage, and the ability to support tablets -- and other key vehicles for eBooks -- was also vital. ADA standards were also heavily integrated with the website's redesign, building both code and visuals that support usability across all ability ranges. The new site also integrated the latest book feeds from the Library's online catalogue, local interest blog posts, staff reviews, and direct connections to hundreds of resource databases.

Responses from patrons have been strongly positive since the redesign, complementing the ease of use and variety of information and services that are now visible. Since its launch, the site has continually been refined with new features and offerings, with an emphasis on thinking ahead for customer experience.